Efate - Port Vila Moorings

  • 17º 44.730 S 168º 17.031 E
  • 17º 44.504 S 168º 17.484 E
  • 17º 44.370 S 168º 18.137 E
  • 17º 44.346 S 168º 18.732 E
  • 17º 44.573 S 168º 18.797 E
  • 17º 44.641 S 168º 18.796 E
  • 17º 44.687 S 168º 18.774 E
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This is the route we took coming from Erromango, into the mooring field in Port Vila. The spot between the red and green buoys at the final "pass" was about 12 feet deep. There is a power line you'll need to get your mast under.  Ours is 17 meters above the water and we had no problem. Navionics says the clearance is 17 meters and that's wrong. Other sources say things like 23 or 24 meters. I'd suggest calling Yachting World (they operate the moorings) and ask them. They'll send out a boat to lead you to a mooring. Moorings are about $16 US per day at this time (July 2017). 

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