Anse Noire

  • 14º 31.712 N 61º 5.326 E
Created on Jan 13, 2018
Anchorage Facts
Depth 11 meters
Bottom Type Sand

Less than 5 miles south of Fort de France, Anse Noire is a small, deeply indented harbor protected from prevailing winds with a backdrop of green hills and pretty water to swim in. When anchoring, be aware that you will swing every direction in here . Holding is good in sand with some thin weed. There are lots of sea hares living in the weed down there! Snorkeling is good in the anchorage and around both headlands. There is a long dock here with a small resort at the head of it. We didn't check to see if it welcomed yachties to eat there. There is a trail that runs all the way to Anse Chaudiere, about 3km each way and it goes around Cap Salomon which is a natural area.

  • Trail
  • Small beach
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Depaz Rum Distillery
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