Caye Beau

  • 14º 26.809 N 60º 53.541 E
Created on Jan 17, 2018
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Depth 20 meters

Were read references to snorkeling or scuba diving near this second red buoy in the Passe du Marin and when passing by in our boat there was a dive shop boat there just completing a dive. So we went on our own, picking up a mooring (although it is shallow enough to anchor the dinghy) right on the edge of the drop off. It is a gentle slope with the coral ending around 60 feet to a sand bottom. You can follow this contour headed north and then east up the pass. When we first descended, we didn't think much of the area as the coral isn't that attractive but as we moved north and then east (as if you were to "round the red buoy"" it got quite nice in that there were tons of fish, both big & small hanging out at the edge of the pass.  And it got more colorful too. At 55-60 feet, keep an eye out for large, green bushy gorgonians because in those often are huge spider crabs in small groups (sized about as big as a laptop computer). We would've taken pictures but our camera case is broken. There are also whip corals. And finger coral at 20 feet to look at while you're doing your safety stop.

  • The shallows are a popular snorkeling spot for Club Med.
  • These belong to the dive shops but we used one on a long line.
  • We didn't notice any current. Easy to orient as dive is a slope to shallows
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