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Name: Rich West
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12/08/2017 00:00  in New Caledonia  Flag
22° 33.077 S  166° 47.856 E
Still waiting for weather to get south for cyclone season. We're not picky at this point. Maybe New Zealand, maybe Australia. We'll see. In the mean time, we're still enjoying New Caledonia.

10/30/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
17° 44.618 S  168° 18.762 E
Anchored back in Port Vila, waiting for weather to go South to New Caledonia. Maybe Thursday. I'm sure going to miss Vanuatu!

09/30/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
15° 26.603 S  167° 15.046 E
We're anchored of Aese Island and it's very nice. We had some very good snorkeling yesterday on the little reef just outside us. The rock formations weren't interesting but there were a lot of fish and colorful hard coral.

It was a little hard to find a clear spot in between the bombies but we managed. We're a little short-scoped but it's calm.

We'll go into Luganville soon to resupply. We might do it from Surrunda or we might take Legacy back to Aore Island across from town. We'll see.

09/26/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
15° 8.833 S  167° 6.849 E

We're back in Lonoc Bay, back  from the Gimme Islands... Give me some batteries, gimme some fish hooks, gimme some cookies, some sugar, flour, wine, cash! While we saw some very pretty stuff in the Banks Islands (their real name), the canoes swarmed is endlessly with requests and very few offers of anything in return. Somehow, they seem to have lost the concept of trade.

It's also a very windy place with more than a few rolly anchorages. All in all, it wasn't really worth it for us, but your milage may vary.

08/29/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
15° 29.632 S  167° 14.920 E
What a beautiful bay! We might sit here a couple of days.

08/26/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
15° 36.685 S  167° 10.543 E
I guess you could say we're "resort hoping." After almost three weeks at Aore Island Resort, we've moved to the other side of Aore Island (10 mile trip) to the Ratua Island Resort.  

After a couple of nights here, we'll head north along the east coast of Espiritu Santo Island, and then the Banks Islands.

Still loving Vanuatu!

08/08/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
15° 32.284 S  167° 10.799 E
It's been a while since we've had enough internet to post a position report. Now we do! We arrived in Luganville yesterday and like it a lot already. This'll be a really nice place to spend a week or two.

We're on on of the only two Aore Island Resort moorings. There are a few moorings available from the dive shop just to our east (rumor has it).

07/20/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
17° 41.478 S  168° 15.840 E
Anchored off Mele Island (Hidaway). This is a lovely spot with plenty to do. It's a little rolly at times, but not bad for us so far.

07/08/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
17° 44.718 S  168° 18.743 E
We're in Port Vila and we're really enjoying it already. It's nice to be in a town for a bit. This place seems a lot like everywhere we've been in the tropical South Pacific: It's a lot like Suva, somewhat like Savusavu, it looks like Noumea on approach and the mooring area reminds us of Neifu in Tonga.

We're at one of Yachting World's moorings. What a great outfit. They guided us to a mooring and have been very nice. 

07/04/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
18° 49.251 S  169° .731 E
We're anchored in Dillon's Bay, Erromango, Vanuatu. We haven't been ashore to explore yet, but it's a pretty  bay and not a bad anchorage.

06/29/2017 00:00  in Vanuatu  Flag
19° 31.462 S  169° 29.592 E
Anchored in Resolution Bay, Tanna, Vanuatu.