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08/08/2017  in Vanuatu
15° 32.284 S  167° 10.799 E
It's been a while since we've had enough internet to post a position report. Now we do! We arrived in Luganville yesterday and like it a lot already. This'll be a really nice place to spend a week or two.

We're on on of the only two Aore Island Resort moorings. There are a few moorings available from the dive shop just to our east (rumor has it).

07/20/2017  in Vanuatu
17° 41.478 S  168° 15.840 E
Anchored off Mele Island (Hidaway). This is a lovely spot with plenty to do. It's a little rolly at times, but not bad for us so far.

07/08/2017  in Vanuatu
17° 44.718 S  168° 18.743 E
We're in Port Vila and we're really enjoying it already. It's nice to be in a town for a bit. This place seems a lot like everywhere we've been in the tropical South Pacific: It's a lot like Suva, somewhat like Savusavu, it looks like Noumea on approach and the mooring area reminds us of Neifu in Tonga.

We're at one of Yachting World's moorings. What a great outfit. They guided us to a mooring and have been very nice. 

07/04/2017  in Vanuatu
18° 49.251 S  169° .731 E
We're anchored in Dillon's Bay, Erromango, Vanuatu. We haven't been ashore to explore yet, but it's a pretty  bay and not a bad anchorage.

06/29/2017  in Vanuatu
19° 31.462 S  169° 29.592 E
Anchored in Resolution Bay, Tanna, Vanuatu.