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Name: Chris Harris
Joined: 10/15/2015
About: Over the last couple of years have cruised from the Falklands to Chile, spend over a year in the Chilean channels, then hopped across the Pacific via Juan Fernandez, Easter Island, Gambiers, Tuamotus, Tahiti and now in Fiji preparing to depart for New Zealand 05 November 2017. Arrived in NZ back then and still here :)

12/26/2021 00:00  in New Zealand  Flag
40° 58.778 S  173° 3.186 E
Adele Island. Beautiful spot. The island is free of invasive animal species (the larger mammals anyway) so there is a lot of birdsound. The anchorage is well protected from north through east to south but the fairway is very busy with lots of wake from the petrol heads, during the day. 

12/24/2021 00:00  in New Zealand  Flag
41° 15.805 S  173° 16.789 E
Christmas eve here,

Sleep aboard ready to depart in the morning