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Name: jon turgeon
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About: "Evergreen", a Tashiba 40 and we're sailing around the world.

02/11/2018 00:00  in Antigua and Barb.  Flag
17° 1.153 N  61° 46.544 W
Been hanging out in Antigua the past few days exploring Nelson's Dockyard and vicinity. It's been too windy to dive- bummer! So instead we're enjoying the local street food. It is all "comfort food"- not good for you but really good!

02/08/2018 00:00  in France  Flag
16° 18.714 N  61° 48.287 W
Arrived in Deshaies yesterday after some great diving at Pigeon Island Reserve. Headed to Antigua tomorrow because there is some wind coming and we don't want to wait it out here.

01/14/2018 00:00  in Martinique  Flag
14° 27.517 N  60° 54.204 W
Anchored in St Anne, southern Martinique. Did a beautiful, long hike on a coastal trail today. This is a really nice place and no swell!

01/03/2018 10:39  in Martinique  Flag
14° 52.090 N  61° 13.770 W
We have arrived in Martinique! 14 days of magazine style passagemaking, our best ever. So glad to have the Atlantic crossing behind us. Now, to go ashore and trade in our sea legs for land legs.

01/02/2018 10:24   On Passage in the North Atlantic
15° 2.820 N  58° 49.670 W
Our amazing wind left and we finally started the motor a few hours ago to save our sails and our sanity. Headed to the north side of Martinique so no gybing necessary. 150 miles to go but who's counting?!

01/01/2018 10:47   On Passage in the North Atlantic
15° 8.350 N  56° 32.410 W
Continued good sailing. Wind about 15knots on the stern. Seas about 1 meter with the occasional 1.5. We are about 265 miles away!