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11/15/2017  in Spain
28° 22.415 N  16° 45.255 W
Arrived at Garachico yesterday on the north coast of Tenerife after a 50 mile rolly sail/motor. Something is up with the spinnaker pole so have to fix that now! The marina here is a feat of engineering on the swelly open coast with high cliffs above. Once inside the walls it feels like you're in a fort! The other day we came over here in the car to scope out the town &  marina to see if we wanted to sail over and we thought it was beautiful even though it was really windy that day. This pic is a view of the town & coast and you can see how exposed it is. Crazy area and we plan to explore it today.

11/09/2017  in Spain
28° 27.998 N  16° 14.630 W
Moored at Puerto Santa Cruz which is a beautiful spot! The marina is really busy with boats getting ready to cross in rallies but we are waiting till December so no pressure yet!

11/03/2017  in Spain
27° 48.987 N  15° 45.674 W
Had a great time traveling around seeing Gran Canaria especially inland where all the trees are! Now moved to SW side to see Puerto Mogan, the "Venice of the Canaries" (it isn't really). Will sail to Tenerife tomorrow.

10/30/2017  in Spain
27° 44.882 N  15° 37.505 W
Had a wonderful overnight sail to Gran Canaria Island. Shoe horned into a berth at Pasito Blanco Marina and plan to spend a few days here to travel the island by car.

10/26/2017  in Spain
28° 12.449 N  14° 1.576 W
In Gran Tarajal Marina on Fuerteventura Island. The super hot & dry east wind off the Sahara started up again today. Great for drying laundry!

10/16/2017  in Spain
29° 13.733 N  13° 30.210 W
In the marina in Graciosa, nice walking here but a bit hot

09/20/2017  in Morocco
34° 1.662 N  6° 49.372 W

09/14/2017  in Spain
36° 9.832 N  5° 22.079 W
Made it back to Gibraltar. Doing final checks & provisioning before leaving Europe for Morocco!

09/06/2017  in Portugal
37° 7.406 N  8° 37.204 W

09/06/2017  in Portugal
37° 6.852 N  8° 31.518 W
Anchored in Portimao, this is a pretty nice anchorage out of the swell and current.

08/24/2017  in Portugal
37° 6.650 N  7° 37.990 W
Sat image does not show the number of moored boats here. Tavira is a nice town but it is a bit of a dingy trip.

08/11/2017  in Spain
37° 12.790 N  7° 24.825 W
Anchored in the Guadiana

08/09/2017  in Spain
36° 32.490 N  6° 17.062 W
In Puerto America Marina enjoying our time in Cadiz.

08/06/2017  in Spain
36° .791 N  5° 36.912 W
Anchored in about 30' over sand. Atlantic swell is rolling in so not real comfortable. Off early in the morning to Cadiz.

08/01/2017  in Gibraltar
36° 9.449 N  5° 21.386 W
At La Linea

07/29/2017  in Morocco
35° 45.342 N  5° 20.634 W
At Marina Smir. Resetting our VAT and Visa clocks.

07/27/2017  in Spain
36° 44.407 N  2° 13.314 W
Anchored off the beach at Cabo de Gato. Much calmer from the NE swell than on the eastern side.

07/13/2017  in Spain
37° 35.839 N  0° 58.710 E
At Yacht Port Cartagena. Getting ready for a little "vacation" road trip inland for a bit of hiking and site seeing.

07/06/2017  in Spain
37° 44.525 N  0° 43.980 E
Anchored in a failed marina project. Not the most scenic anchorage but at least we are out of the swell, which on this coast is important.

07/05/2017  in Spain
38° 32.100 N  0° 7.405 E
Rolly and touristy. Well at least we got to stop for the night...

07/04/2017  in Spain
38° 44.731 N  1° 25.451 E
We anchored here a couple of months ago when we first arrived in the Balearics. The closest boat was about a mile away, today there is easily a 100 boats!

07/03/2017  in Spain
39° 1.685 N  1° 36.438 E

07/01/2017  in Spain
39° 25.175 N  3° 16.128 E
Anchored with a bunch of other boats, nice and calm.

06/28/2017  in Spain
39° 46.373 N  3° 19.992 E
Anchor chain wrap around rock, a bit of a pain.

06/26/2017  in Spain
39° 54.280 N  3° 5.387 E
Anchored back in Pollenca

06/19/2017  in Spain
39° 52.679 N  4° 18.463 E
Anchored near Mahon.  Great anchorage near a fort in nice sandy bottom.

06/17/2017  in Spain
40° .262 N  4° 11.967 E
Anchored in Addaia harbor. Nice quiet place to wait out a northerly swell. Bottom is mud though, I have not missed cleaning the anchor chain.

06/11/2017  in Spain
40° 2.863 N  3° 55.238 E
Anchored in nice sand with beaches around. The northeast anchorage can get a bit crowded with power boats on a weekend though.

06/02/2017  in Spain
39° 51.481 N  2° 47.466 E

05/24/2017  in Spain
39° 47.498 N  2° 41.514 E
Port Soller, what a great place to hike and one of the nicest anchorages in Ibiza. The weather the last week has been calm with crystal clear water. If you are a hiker this is a great place to be.

05/21/2017  in Spain
39° 45.235 N  2° 37.253 E

05/19/2017  in Spain
39° 31.834 N  2° 35.120 E

05/16/2017  in Spain
39° 31.578 N  2° 33.084 E
Anchored in Punta Negra in about 10' in nice sand.

05/13/2017  in Spain
39° 28.358 N  2° 31.293 E
Anchored in Calais Portals. Going out for a hike today.

05/11/2017  in Spain
39° 4.790 N  1° 36.180 E
Anchored in Clot d'es Llamp, up against a cliff! Rock formations are fantastic. Walked over the hill and ended up finding a cliff walk to the old signal tower on the point.

05/09/2017  in Spain
39° 6.660 N  1° 30.870 E
Anchored in Cale Portinatx. Wind is a bit gusty but got in today to mow the lawn on the bottom of the boat.

05/08/2017  in Spain
39° 4.960 N  1° 26.310 E
Anchored in San Miguel. Off to do a walk to a watch tower on the cliff.

05/07/2017  in Spain
38° 58.400 N  1° 18.180 E
Anchored in San Antonio. The holding is ok in sand patches, not great elsewhere. Good shopping ashore.

05/01/2017  in Spain
38° 44.520 N  1° 25.600 E
Anchored off the beach at Formentera

04/26/2017  in Spain
38° 58.615 N  1° 16.790 E

04/26/2017  in Spain
38° 59.040 N  1° 12.720 E
Spending a couple of nice days in a peaceful anchorage all to ourselves. Got in the water to do a much needed prop clean. Also did a nice walk in the island to a lighthouse on the cliffs.

04/22/2017  in Spain
39° 25.500 N  0° 19.560 E
After keeping the boat in Real Club Nautico Valencia for the winter while we visited home and some European travel we are ready to head out for the cruising season.