Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible for VentureFarther to help me have more fun?

The idea behind VentureFarther's information sharing (markers, routes and zones) is to give you more up to date information than the average printed guide could. Also as Cruisers we frequently want to access places most travel books won't cover. And one last thing about us all, we are a bit odd ;-) We chose this independent way of life because that is how we think and sometimes we don't feel like moving with the masses. So Cruiser shared information is the best there is!

Why does VentureFarther keep asking me to share my location?

VentureFarther uses this information to help locate you for mapping. By allowing "Location Sharing Always" with VentureFarther you can get the most out of the site by allowing it to find the features most relevant to you. You can always turn it back off in your browser if you are uncomfortable with sharing this info.

How do I create a marker?

Choose a waypoint or route that you've saved off a favorite spot and under the "Marker" menu, select "Share a Marker". Create your marker by following the prompts. When you're finished, you'll see your marker placed on a Google Maps image. This becomes your marker, labeled with your user name and everyone who logs in to VentureFarther can see it! The other option is to export the marker or route in your charting/navigation software to a GPX file. Then import that GPX file into VentureFarther and complete the marker/route online (VentureFarther stores more information about a marker/route than most charting packages).

I have a great idea for the site, but will you add it?

We are definitely interested in feedback from the cruising community. Tell us what we could do better, what features you might like to see or even what you like most!

How can I read the eBook generated from VentureFarther?

The eBook that you can generate is of the format epub. This is a industry standard format and can be read by most readers. Apple iBooks and Calibre on Windows are good options.

What is a GPX?

GPX is a standard file format for transferring waypoints and routes. If you have a charting package that can import waypoints/routes there is a very good chance it will take the GPX file generated from VentureFarther.

What happens if I run into a problem or don't understand how to use VentureFarther?

Please let us know with an email. We will try and respond as soon as possible but since we will be traveling in areas with limited internet it might take a little while to respond.

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