VentureFarther Credits

How do you earn credits?

Pretty easy actually, you just need to use the site or help spread the word to fellow Cruisers!

  • Becoming a member will earn you 10 credits! 5 more for adding a profile image.
  • Up to 15 credits for a NMEA upload recorded from the VDR plugin in OpenCPN!
  • Each Marker, Route or Zone you share earns you 10 credits!
  • If you edit a Marker, Route or Zone, you earn 5 credits.
  • Submit a Travel Report and earn a credit.
  • Make a Review on a Marker, Route or Zone and earn 2 credits.
  • Print out a VentureFarther Information Page, post it on a message board, snap a photo and mail it to me and get 25 credits.
  • Help spread the word (blogging, social media or similar), just let me know by emailing a link, depending on what you have done either a bunch of credits of a FREE subscription!

How many credits are things?

Only a few of features require credits.

  • A Satellite Chart download is 1 credit.
  • A GPX download is 5 credits.
  • A "Cruiser's Guide" eBook download is 10 credits.

Can't I just buy credits?

Some Cruisers (or commercial users) don't have time to share information here. So I made an option to buy a "subscription". Pretty straight forward, $20 will allow unlimited use of VentureFarther for 1 year (plus, you still earn credits).

Please Login or Join The Community To Subscribe

VentureFarther used to be "Free", why the change?

Well, as you are probably already aware, nothing is ever really Free. I have been developing/funding this site since 2013. Although I have worked very hard at keeping the costs to a minimum the donations have not kept up with the monthly cost of running a site like this. If you are willing to put in a bit of time sharing cruising information then it still can be free and you help the cruising community at the same time!

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