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Started in 2013, VentureFarther is built to provide navigation information for travelers around the globe. Cruiser sourced anchorages and routes, satellite charts, position reporting, eBook Cruising Guides, tidal predictions and weather integrated into a single site. Please take a few minutes to explore and see for yourself what VentureFarther can do for you.

Satellite Charts

For anywhere in the world from Google, Bing and Nokia here! This is the only web based, zero software install Satellite Chart service available, with 99878 charts created. Directly integrated with the iPad/Android and MacOS navigation app SEAiq and fully compatible with OpenCPN (and others, charts in BSB/KAP format). Give it a try and create a Satellite Chart!

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Hot News!

You can now upload recorded depths that can be superimposed by any VentureFarther user on the Satellite Charts! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO SHARE DEPTHS

Coming Soon!

The VentureFarther Android NMEA data recorder. Contact me if you want to be one of the Beta testers!

Marker, Route and Depth Recordings

  • Share information on anchorages, marinas and points of interest (and more) with cruisers around the globe!
  • Once you share a marker you are recognized both online and in the eBook for your contribution.
  • Once 10 markers for a country are shared, the "Cruiser's Guide" eBook automatically publishes and is available for download. The only site in the world that offers this!
  • Get the current tide and weather prediction for every shared anchorage.
  • Upload NMEA recordings for sharing depths in poorly charted anchorages. Click Here to Learn How.
  • Quickly earn VentureFarther credits by sharing cruising information, then download VentureFarther charts and eBooks for FREE.

Give the wizard a try and Share your favorite anchorage, fast and easy!

  • Countries: 26
  • Markers: 733
  • Routes: 57
  • Zones: 6
  • Surveys: 27
  • Places: 30
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eBook Cruising Guides

With 788 Cruising Guides downloaded so far! Once 10 markers for a country are shared a "Cruiser's Guide" is auto published from all the great crowd sourced information on VentureFarther. Each marker is attributed back to the VentureFarther user that shared the info. These books are in the open epub format and work well in iBooks(also Calibre and others). Click here to check out all of the available eBooks!

New and Improved Position Reporting!

  • Create reports by email or online, you choose!
  • Once created, any report can be either edited or deleted!
  • Customizable, you select the basemap and routline coulors.
  • Upload Photos to your report (currently just online, email attachment coming soon).
  • Member specific Position Report page.
  • Automatically email friends,family and cruising buddies when you submit a report.
  • Invite Friends and Family easily with the VentureFarther Invite page, which will email the details on how they can sign up to track you. All in about 1 minute!

Click Here to get more information on how you can start up.

Customizable Position Report

A personalized position report page is available for you to link to on your blog.

Check out Evergreen's member specific position report page.

Tracking with Auto Email

Auto HTMl email with MAP for friends and family when you post a position report. Click here to get details.

The Members of VentureFarther

The 1258 cruisers that chose to join and share information are what makes VentureFarther great. Without these people this cruising resource would not be what it is!

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VentureFarther Credits

This site runs on a "VentureFarther Credit" system. By signing up (25 bonus credits for signing up, 5 more for adding a profile image) and sharing information you earn credits for things like Satellite Charts and eBooks. If you decide that you would rather not participate (or are using this site for commercial purposes) then there is the option for a low cost subscription. Click here for more information and to subscribe.

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