Cruising Guide Bookshelf

  • Once 10 markers for a country are shared, the "Cruiser's Guide" eBook automatically publishes and is available for download. The only site on the web that offers this!
  • If markers are added or updated the eBooks republish and are ready within minutes!
  • Once you share a marker you are recognized both online and in the eBook for your contribution.
  • Links within the eBook take you back to VentureFarther for more detailed information or to any links added to the marker.
  • Each eBook is 10 Credits, but if you share a marker for anywhere in the world it can be free!

South Pacific Cruising Guides

  • Cruising Guide to Australia

  • Cruising Guide to Fiji

  • Cruising Guide to New Caledonia

  • Cruising Guide to New Zealand

  • Cruising Guide to Vanuatu


Mediterranean Sea Cruising Guides

Southeast Asia Cruising Guides

  • Cruising Guide to Indonesia

  • Cruising Guide to Malaysia

  • Cruising Guide to Thailand


North America Cruising Guides

  • Cruising Guide to United States

What is a "Cruiser's Guide" eBook?

Since all Cruisers can submit information it can be the most up to date information out there for the places we love to visit. So, go ahead and share a Marker, Route or Zone and help build the most complete guides around.

In order to get an eBook there needs to be at least 10 markers shared for the country. This was to reduce your disappointment when you open an eBook with very little content ;-)

Why an eBook?

Well, there are times when we are all without a solid internet connection. This allows you to pull all the Cruiser Shared Information and have it in a convenient eBook format. You will need a device with an eBook reader installed. On Windows and Linux a good one is Calibre. For an iPad, iBooks works well. And for Android, Moon Reader.

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