Share NMEA Information to VentureFarther by uploading recording extracted from OpenCPN VDR plugin, fast and easy!

Step 1: Make sure you have OpenCPN installed, (here is where to get it).

Step 2: Install the VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) plugin, (here is where to get it).

Step 3: Record NMEA using OpenCPN's VDR plug-in (here is how to use it).

Step 4: Upload (click here) the recording from VDR to VentureFarther. You will be asked to name the survey (to make it easier to find it), the tide level calculated and if your depth sounder is offset.

Step 5: That's it! The depth recordings will show with all the other markers for a country/region under the menu option "Navigation and Planning/Markers and Routes". Also, if there is another shared marker (like an anchorage) around the uploaded depth recording, the depths will be available to on the marker display page.

Click here for the latest uploaded depth recording.

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