Cruiser Guide to Greece Revision 10

These innovative Cruiser Guides contain information shared by cruisers in a convenient eBook format. Since they are automatically republished when any information is added or changed they are continually getting updated!

Written by Contributing Members: Evergreen(3) Heather(11) Peter Lee(1) Derrick(1) xavier.ray@s(1) Fuco Lores(4) isom935(1) seapearl(4) Theodor(1) Dinosmz(1) bauruine(16) camelonic(1) acarloz(1) jyniox(2) gsini112(3)

Containing Markers For:

  • 24 Anchorages
  • 2 POIs
  • 5 Marinas
  • 4 Moorings
  • 1 Marker
  • 2 Grocerys

Satellite Images for Each Anchorage

With: 61 High Resolution Pictures

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