Charlestown Marina

  • 42º 22.512 N 71º 2.936 E
Created on 2016-10-29 00:00:00.0
Marina Facts
Number of Berths 350
Formerly Shipyard Quarters Marina, this brand new marina in the Charlestown Navy Yard is a great spot to live and/or visit the city. It has both single & double loaded slips from 25-400 feet, good facilities and a great location. Fuel is available. VHF 71. Proximal to the colonial town of Charlestown, within walking distance of downtown Boston on "Boston Harborwalk" historic path. Close to USS Constitution, Charlestown Navy Yard, Bunker Hill Monument. Restaurants, shops nearby. We lived at this location for 10 years before setting off on our latest cruise around the world.
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