Pain de Sucre

  • 15º 51.804 N 61º 35.971 E
Created on Feb 8, 2018

Located on the west side of Terre d'en Haut, this spot is pretty as it sits behind a 200 ft piton. It is full of rental moorings and there is no anchoring here. Pick up any empty mooring and someone will be by to collect the nightly fee at some point in the evening. They are managed by Les Saintes Multiservices (LMS). For 12 meters the fee was 10 Euros in 2018. Good enough protection in prevailing winds but expect some swell. We couldn't find a place to put our dinghy here so we went into the main harbor's dinghy dock. You can scuba dive right from your boat here as the base of the piton is a dive site. The NW side of the piton is the best. The water is nice & clear in the anchorage too because the moorings have allowed the grass to grow and the sea life to move in to live.

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