Pigeon Island Anchorage

  • 16º 10.322 N 61º 46.777 E
Created on Feb 13, 2018
Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Sand

Pigeon Island sits less than a half mile from this anchorage and is part of the Cousteau Underwater Park along with about a mile up the north coast of the mainland. There are dive moorings primarily used by the commercial dive operators but it is OK to put your dinghy on one to do a dive. They are mostly labeled as national park moorings. The anchorage is well protected in prevailing winds and attractive. We found great holding in sand but hear that holding can be variable. You will swing all around here and it is a popular spot. There are dive shops, restaurants and trinket shops on shore mainly catering to the tourist crowd that comes to do a boat trip or dive out to Pigeon. Really a nice place with pretty water to play in.

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Pigeon Island 0.68nm on a course of 255 WSW
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20.77nm on a course of 149 SSE
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