Gran Canaria - Pasito Blanco

  • 27º 44.844 N 15º 37.180 E
Created on Nov 1, 2017
Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Sand

A protected anchorage in prevailing winds from the NE but open to swell. Pasito Blanco Marina is on the southern end of Gran Canaria and is part of a residential development along with golf course. The anchorage is just outside the breakwaters tucked in under the high cliffs of the island and fronted by a popular beach. We anchored here while waiting for a berth in the marina and scrubbed the bottom to keep busy. The water is clear and pretty with a black sand bottom and a few rocks and ledgy areas so try to choose where you put the anchor. There were several boats anchored here the whole time we were in the marina.

  • At Pasito Blanco Marina
  • Small grocery within marina complex, more a bus ride away.
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