Playa de Veneguera

  • 27º 50.753 N 15º 47.549 E
Created on Oct 20, 2021
Anchorage Facts
Depth 10 meters
Bottom Type Sand

Anchorage off a sandy beach surrounded by towering cliffs.

Nearby Markers (to show the Nearby Markers layer, click the layer button in the top right corner of the map)
Puerto Mogan 2.29nm on a course of 140 SE
Puerto Mogan Anchorage 2.46nm on a course of 136 SE
Playa de Tauro
4.55nm on a course of 132 SE
Anfi Del Mar
6.88nm on a course of 131 SE
Cement Works
8.65nm on a course of 130 SE
Pasito Blanco Marina 10.81nm on a course of 123 ESE
Pasito Blanco 10.91nm on a course of 123 ESE
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