Gran Canaria - Puerto Mogan Anchorage

  • 27º 48.990 N 15º 45.616 E
Created on Nov 2, 2017
Anchorage Facts
Depth 11 meters
Bottom Type Sand

You can anchor outside Puerto Mogan Marina in settled weather. Even if the wind is NE there can be a light south wind that will cause your bow to face out to sea. Expect some light swell and daytime tourist boat traffic including jet skis, big banana rides and catamarans loaded with swimmers. We put our dinghy at the very end of a dock inside the marina and were not bothered. The beach near the anchorage is rocky, the inner beach is roped off to dinghies. The bottom is black sand and good holding.

  • For simple necessities
  • Lots!
  • Rounded inner beach filled with sunbathers and restaurants
  • Around the "Venice of the Canaries" development
  • Just inside the marina
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Puerto Mogan 0.24nm on a course of 271 W
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2.11nm on a course of 128 SE
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Pasito Blanco Marina 8.43nm on a course of 120 ESE
Pasito Blanco 8.54nm on a course of 119 ESE
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