Gran Canaria - Puerto Mogan

  • 27º 48.992 N 15º 45.886 E
Created on Nov 2, 2017
Marina Facts
Number of Berths 216
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VHF 12

This marina is on a prettier part of the SW coast than its counterparts and has a cute albeit touristy atmosphere. Referred to in Gran Canaria tourist info as the "Venice of the Canaries", it has a few picturesque pedestrian bridges and plenty of flowering vines and shorefront restaurants to keep you entertained for a day. There is also an archaeological site to explore on one hillside (Canada de los Gatos) and a mirador that you can climb to on the opposite hillside. Entrance is easy although the marina is a little tight. The office is in the blue & white tower to starboard as you enter and the fuel dock is to port. There is bus service, a small but cute beach, a promenade and plenty of benches to take up the scene.
The cliffside road visible from the anchorage that connects Puerto de Mogan with Taurito has been closed due to rockfalls but pedestrians are using for exercise. It offers great views and there are trails running up to the top of the cliffs above the closed road- just follow the people!

  • Bothi in the port and up the hillsides
  • The pescadoras have a travel lift and haul out area
  • At the port
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Puerto Mogan Anchorage 0.24nm on a course of 91 E
Playa de Veneguera
2.29nm on a course of 320 NW
Playa de Tauro
2.3nm on a course of 124 SE
Anfi Del Mar
4.64nm on a course of 126 SE
Cement Works
6.4nm on a course of 127 SE
Pasito Blanco Marina 8.64nm on a course of 119 ESE
Pasito Blanco 8.75nm on a course of 118 ESE
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