Cala Cortina

  • 37º 34.833 N 0º 58.544 E
Created on Jul 27, 2017
Anchorage Facts
Depth 14 meters
Bottom Type Rock

Anchoring is not allowed anywhere inside Cartagena Harbor but after sitting in a berth for a couple of weeks we wanted to check the bottom of the hull to make sure it wasn't fouled.  We anchored in this cala outside the swim buoys where the water was very clear, warm and pretty. It is Cartagena's main beach and there are beach facilities here along with a restaurant & parking lot. A nice path runs along the shore back into town. Local boats come over here for a quick getaway. It is a sandy & rocky bottom and gives protection from NW-E

  • A walking path leads to the city of Cartagena
  • Pretty public beach with boulders surrounding it
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