Grand Turk Government Pier SW Side

  • 21º 26.152 N 71º 9.074 E
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Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Sand

Grand Turk doesn't have any really protected anchorages (S Caicos has one of the best in the whole country) so once you get past the idea that you're going to be sleeping well with no swell, you can anchor here. Approach is easy and open and there is a pretty large shelf of pure white sand just north of the pier, in front of the shipwreck that lies on the beach. We dragged the dinghy up onto the beach. Customs is inside the commercial shipping port (at the head of the commericial dock) in a building that has large stenciled letters saying "Customs Warehouse" visible from the main road. Go up to the security checkpoint at the entrance of the port and the unmarked office door is right near it. Customs called immigration to come over from the airport to check us in. It is $50USD in and $50USD out and $15USD for immigration and another $15 for customs if you clear on a weekend or holiday. Weekdays after regular business hours is $10. You can clear in & out at the same time only if you are staying for <24hrs. These fees give you 7 days. After that is is $300 for 3 months.

Restaurants, grocery stores and some historical buildings are in Cockburn Town, less than 2 miles by road or shorter if you walk the beach. The island has a lot of trash on it.  There are dive moorings lining the western side of the island and you are free to use them for your dinghy to dive.

  • Not too many cars on the island so good to bike
  • Dive Resorts
  • Decent grocery stores with better than expected produce available
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Grand Turk
1.69nm on a course of 354 N
Cockburn Town Anchorage 1.96nm on a course of 359 N
The Anchor 2.23nm on a course of 359 N
Long Cay Scuba 21.72nm on a course of 277 W
Long Cay, South Caicos 21.97nm on a course of 278 W
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