Rudlin Bay

  • 48º 25.281 N 123º 14.146 E
Created on Dec 24, 2022
Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Mud

Day anchorage only. Good holding but tricky to find a good spot and approach through the kelp beds - good to have a hand at the bow on lookout. Fantastic shore access on three beaches, great for landing a dinghy.

The island is home to a great shoreline trail, but be sure to respect the boundaries of public land as the North half of the island is Songhees territory and is closed to the public.

The old lighthouse can be reached by either a scramble along the shoreline or by the trail that leads into the interior of the island. A painting on the abandoned foghorn building commemorates the legacy of a true lone wolf - one of the only known examples of this phenomenon - who called the island home. Sadly, the wolf was relocated to Port Alberni and killed by a hunter.

  • Three exceptional beeches, all with rounded but medium sized rocks.
  • Excellent beachcombing and shoreline scrambles. Limited forest trails.
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