Chandlery - Trotac Marine

  • 48º 26.536 N 123º 22.603 E
Created on Dec 25, 2022
Chandlery Facts

Victoria's primary marine supply store. They carry everything from new batteries to rigging hardware. If they don't have it, they'll know where to find it. If it's out of stock, they can usually have it in a few days. For all your rigging needs, talk to Alex, who is a professional rigger.

While their prices are nothing phenomenal, they are usually slightly lower than ordering from discount online sellers and they're always good with accommodating returns and and service.

If you are at Oak Bay Marina, the 8 bus goes directly to Trotac from the marina parking lot. If downtown, there are several buses up to the store: 11, 21, and 22. The 11 also serves Cadboro Bay if you are anchored there.

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Oak Bay Marina 3.14nm on a course of 109 ESE
Cadboro Bay 3.33nm on a course of 77 ENE
Arbutus Cove
5.1nm on a course of 91 E
Puget Cove
5.27nm on a course of 92 E
Rudlin Bay 5.75nm on a course of 103 ESE
D'Arcy Island 8.54nm on a course of 29 NNE
James Bay 23.94nm on a course of 358 N
Bruce Bight/Taylor Point 21.67nm on a course of 27 NNE
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