D'Arcy Island

  • 48º 33.989 N 123º 16.310 E
Created on Dec 24, 2022
Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Mud

The further south extremity of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada. Excellent as a day stop and suitable for an overnight in settled weather. Protected from Northerlies but exposed to swells and all other winds. The island may be small but feels very large once you're ashore - the shoreline hike around the perimeter (the entire island is National Park Reserve) is not to be missed, as it is dotted with beautiful beaches, splendid views, and some tragic history - D'Arcy Island was once home to a leper colony, with those sent here left to fend for themselves with little to no resources.

No water on the island. Excellent picnic spot, tent pads if you want a night ashore, some info. No fee but no mooring buoys. Beware of the rocks to the east of the anchorage - study the charts carefully.

  • Crude trails lead around the island, as well as through the core of the island. None are maintained.
  • The main beach near the anchorage is a wonderful spot for the sunrise. Other beaches are very exposed.
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