Oak Bay Marina

  • 48º 25.531 N 123º 18.123 E
Created on Dec 24, 2022
Marina Facts
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This marina is quite busy. It is not particularly convenient to the city itself, but that keeps it fairly quiet. It is served by a handful of bus routes that will take you to the core of Oak Bay, where you can find a well-stocked hardware store (with lots of stainless hardware), groceries, restaurants, pharmacies, bicycle shops, and more.

The marina itself hosts a small cafe, a slightly upmarket restaurant, a gift shop with some marine supplies, and Ocean River Kayaking - open in the summer months with all sorts of paddling gear for sale alongside their tour offerings.

One "secret" of the marina is bus number 8 - it terminates directly in the marina parking lot, and while infrequent, will take you right from your boat to Victoria's top marine supplier, Trotac Marine, with no need for a transfer.

Gas and diesel are sold here. Propane is not sold at a decent price here, but there isn't an alternative, unfortunately. The docks are extremely friendly but not quite bustling.

  • The restaurants and shops of Oak Bay are only a ten or fifteen minute walk from the marina, also served by bus.
  • Local roads have no safe biking infrastructure, but you will find many cyclists.
  • Gartside Marine Engines is based out of Oak Bay Marina.
  • Self-service customs phone at fuel dock.
  • Inquire at the marina office.
  • Marina WiFi is highly reliable.
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