Mallorca - Cala Blanca

  • 39º 32.179 N 2º 24.389 E
Created on 2017-05-19 00:00:00.0
Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Sand

This is a really pretty anchorage with great protection from west through east. Holding is excellent in sand however you cannot penetrate too far in as there are rock ledges and tufts of grass covered rocks, easily seen. At the head of the cala is a rocky beach with a steep trail to a parking lot & the road. This beach is dog friendly and has no facilities so only a few people come to it. You can walk in to Camp de Mar which takes about 45 minutes. Although there is a housing development above the cala, it still is very attractive with high cliffs and colorful water.

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Cala Camp de Mar 0.74nm on a course of 90 E
Playa de San Telmo 3.52nm on a course of 314 NW
Cala Llado Dragonera Island 4.73nm on a course of 310 NW
Portals Vells 6.58nm on a course of 125 SE
Playa de Palma Nova 6.39nm on a course of 101 E
Punta Negra 6.75nm on a course of 95 E
Las Illetas 8.38nm on a course of 92 E
Peninsula de la Foradada NW Anchorage 16.46nm on a course of 37 NE
Peninsula de la Foradada SE Anchorage 16.5nm on a course of 38 NE
Cala Deia 17.35nm on a course of 39 NE
Ferrocarril de Soller
19.79nm on a course of 46 NE
Port de Soller 20.34nm on a course of 41 NE
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