Algarve Eco Via

  • 37º 1.422 N 7º 50.293 E
Created on Aug 26, 2017

While exploring the Algarve coast, we discovered that there is a bike route that covers the whole length of it. At times it is a dedicated path that runs through salt marshes, at others it follows dirt roads that link villages and ends up in larger towns with restaurants, services and things of interest to tourists. Can be a nice way to spend a day if you have bikes. You can also rent them in many places, such as in Olhao at Seahorse Bike Rentals.

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Dinghy Landing -  Faro Dinghy Dock
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Praca Larga Anchorage, Olhao 1.54nm on a course of 193 SSW
Culatra Island
1.75nm on a course of 185 S
Mar Santo - Ilha do Farol - Faro - Portugal 3.21nm on a course of 210 SSW
Mar Santo 3.27nm on a course of 211 SSW
Ilha Deserta (Ilha Barreta)
3.78nm on a course of 206 SSW
Road Bike in Algarve
10.94nm on a course of 55 NE
Tavira 11.14nm on a course of 62 ENE
Vilamoura Marina 13.97nm on a course of 282 WNW
Marina de Albufeira 20.42nm on a course of 280 W
Porto de Recreio do Guadiana 22.77nm on a course of 63 ENE
Puerto Deportivo del Ayamonte 23.45nm on a course of 61 ENE
Guadiana River 23.8nm on a course of 57 ENE
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