Praca Larga Anchorage, Olhao

  • 36º 59.925 N 7º 50.734 E
Created on Aug 27, 2017
Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Sand

This is a huge anchorage in the area just above Ilha Culatra and to the east of the channel up to Olhao. Around mid tide, you can dinghy straight across the shallows from the anchorage to Olhao which makes getting to town shorter. There are a few locally marked "channels" that find the deeper water of the shallows. There is much less current in this anchorage than the one just inside the breakwaters and holding is good in sand. There can be some wind chop and it is busier than you'd think with planes overhead for Faro airport and boat traffic. Nonetheless, it is not a bad place to be and there are a LOT of sailboats parked here! There is a boat ramp in Olhao at the westernmost edge of the marina complex where you can pull the dinghy up. Otherwise, as of 2017, there is no town dock and the marina only offers tie up if you pay for a berth to match the length of your dinghy.

  • Popular beaches on the barrier islands of Culatra and Barreta
  • No large grocery stores super close
  • Eco Via bike path runs by Faro & Olhao using city streets, can be hard to follow
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