Pointe Burgos

  • 14º 29.642 N 61º 5.468 E
Created on Jan 11, 2018
Scuba Site Facts
Depth 20 meters

Located just outside Grande Anse D'Arlet, this is a REALLY nice dive spot. Frequented by all the dive shops in the area too. Easy to anchor the dinghy in the shallows and then descend to the deeper part of the reef. Lots to see including lobster, octopus, crabs, eels and beautiful formations with tons of color. It is a shame that the local fishermen also have their traps here but this is common on Martinique and the dive is still well worth doing in our opinion. We did it 3 times!

  • There is some current but it is not hard to swim against
  • Local dive boats have moorings but you can also anchor the dinghy
  • Snorkeling depths 20-40 feet
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Petit Anse D'Arlet 0.56nm on a course of 112 ESE
Grand Anse D'Arlet 0.61nm on a course of 7 N
Anse Dufour 1.95nm on a course of 1 N
Anse Noire 2.07nm on a course of 4 N
Anse A L'Ane 3.19nm on a course of 25 NNE
Anse Mitan 4.06nm on a course of 30 NNE
Fort de France 6.52nm on a course of 12 NNE
Carenantilles Shipyard Fort de France 6.86nm on a course of 16 NNE
Case Pilote
9.37nm on a course of 342 NNW
Caye Beau 11.89nm on a course of 104 ESE
St Anne 12.45nm on a course of 106 ESE
Carenantilles Shipyard 12.52nm on a course of 96 E
Trace des Caps
12.58nm on a course of 108 ESE
Cul-de-Sac du Marin 13.03nm on a course of 98 E
Marina du Marin 13.24nm on a course of 96 E
St Pierre 15.71nm on a course of 341 NNW
Depaz Rum Distillery
16.41nm on a course of 345 NNW
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