Cul-de-Sac du Marin

  • 14º 27.757 N 60º 52.150 E
Created on Jan 17, 2018
Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Clay
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Considered a hurricane hole, cul-de-sac du Marin is reached by going up the Passe du Marin which is well buoyed. Being mindful of the various shoals scattered throughout the bay (they are pretty easy to see), there are several places to anchor in a sea of boats as this is Martinique's main yachting center. Plenty of space left too! There are many liveaboards as well as seasonal cruisers here. The bay is lined with mangroves and rounded hills that are attractive and you can find most anything you need here for a yacht as long as you can afford it! The depth for anchoring averages around 20 feet and holding is good in thick sand. Marin Marina seems to not mind the dinghies of anchored boats at their dinghy dock.

  • In Marin Marina office 5 Euros, self serve
  • All sorts of nautical supply shops, grocery stores and places to eat
  • North Sails
  • Marin Marina
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Grocery -  Leader Price Marin
Laundromat -  Leader Laverie
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Marina du Marin 0.47nm on a course of 33 NNE
Carenantilles Shipyard 0.71nm on a course of 320 NW
Caye Beau 1.65nm on a course of 235 SW
St Anne 1.91nm on a course of 210 SSW
Trace des Caps
2.3nm on a course of 205 SSW
Anse Mitan 12.12nm on a course of 296 WNW
Anse A L'Ane 12.48nm on a course of 292 WNW
Petit Anse D'Arlet 12.49nm on a course of 278 W
Pointe Burgos 13.03nm on a course of 278 W
Grand Anse D'Arlet 13.06nm on a course of 281 W
Anse Noire 13.36nm on a course of 287 WNW
Anse Dufour 13.42nm on a course of 287 WNW
Carenantilles Shipyard Fort de France 13.84nm on a course of 308 NW
Fort de France 14.22nm on a course of 306 NW
Case Pilote
19.12nm on a course of 304 NW
St Pierre 24.54nm on a course of 313 NW
Depaz Rum Distillery
24.68nm on a course of 316 NW
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