Trace des Caps

  • 14º 25.670 N 60º 53.138 E
Created on Jan 14, 2018

A 39km coastal trail trail starts from the town of St Anne and runs all the way around the tip and up the eastern side of the island. You don't have to do all of it! It is well marked and flat, running past numerous beaches and natural areas with picnic tables and rubbish disposal. Lots of shade too. Some coves have road access that bring tourists by car and therefore there are  beachside restaurants and gift shops, ice cream and smoothie stands. If you want to make a 6 hour loop you can take leave the trail at the head of Baie des Anglais on the dirt road that heads west. It eventually turns to pavement and then goes back to St Anne. You have to walk 300 meters alongside the main highway before a bike path starts leading to the center of St Anne. This is a really nice walk. Wear good shoes and if it has been rainy expect some mud on the trail.  Bring plenty of water. If you get to a tourist office pick up a hiking trail map of Martinique that shows this and other hikes on the island very well.

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Laundromat -  Leader Laverie
Grocery -  Leader Price Marin
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St Anne 0.43nm on a course of 360 N
Caye Beau 1.2nm on a course of 341 NNW
Cul-de-Sac du Marin 2.3nm on a course of 25 NNE
Carenantilles Shipyard 2.68nm on a course of 11 N
Marina du Marin 2.76nm on a course of 26 NNE
Petit Anse D'Arlet 12.03nm on a course of 288 WNW
Anse Mitan 12.41nm on a course of 307 NW
Anse A L'Ane 12.6nm on a course of 303 WNW
Pointe Burgos 12.58nm on a course of 288 WNW
Grand Anse D'Arlet 12.72nm on a course of 291 WNW
Anse Noire 13.26nm on a course of 297 WNW
Anse Dufour 13.3nm on a course of 296 WNW
Carenantilles Shipyard Fort de France 14.53nm on a course of 317 NW
Fort de France 14.83nm on a course of 314 NW
Case Pilote
19.64nm on a course of 311 NW
St Pierre 25.37nm on a course of 318 NW
Depaz Rum Distillery
25.61nm on a course of 321 NW
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