St Anne

  • 14º 26.102 N 60º 53.139 E
Created on Jan 15, 2018
Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Sand

This is the cruisers hub on Martinique and there are a TON of boats anchored here but room for plenty more! The area close in to the pier at St Anne is blocked off with yellow swim buoys but anywhere outside that is fair game. Make sure your anchor is set as there are spots with rubble and poor holding as we found out. The pier is pretty much devoted to dinghy tie-up and it is recommended to lock it. Good protection but there can be a light swell coming in too. Ashore the town is really pleasant with bakeries, plenty of snack shops and restaurants, gift shops, a produce and fish market, an 8 a Huit and couple other supermarkets. You can tour the church and enjoy the square with its old trees as well as take the path behind the church up to the shrine for a nice view. The coastal trail to Caps Trace starts in Anse Caritan, south of town where there are quiet beaches. Or you can walk north out of town and over the hill bridge to reach either the short bike path or the long white beach that leads toward Club Med. This is a much busier beach but has a good vibe. There is a dive shop at the foot of the bridge near the beach.  A tourist office is at the foot of the northern side of the bridge.

  • The closest fuel is in Marin unless you take a cab from St Anne to a station down the road
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Trace des Caps
0.43nm on a course of 180 S
Caye Beau 0.81nm on a course of 331 NNW
Cul-de-Sac du Marin 1.91nm on a course of 30 NNE
Carenantilles Shipyard 2.26nm on a course of 13 NNE
Marina du Marin 2.38nm on a course of 31 NNE
Petit Anse D'Arlet 11.9nm on a course of 286 WNW
Anse Mitan 12.15nm on a course of 305 NW
Anse A L'Ane 12.37nm on a course of 301 WNW
Pointe Burgos 12.45nm on a course of 287 WNW
Grand Anse D'Arlet 12.57nm on a course of 289 WNW
Anse Noire 13.07nm on a course of 295 WNW
Anse Dufour 13.11nm on a course of 295 WNW
Carenantilles Shipyard Fort de France 14.22nm on a course of 315 NW
Fort de France 14.53nm on a course of 313 NW
Case Pilote
19.36nm on a course of 310 NW
St Pierre 25.05nm on a course of 317 NW
Depaz Rum Distillery
25.27nm on a course of 320 NW
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