Fort de France

  • 14º 36.029 N 61º 4.105 E
Created on Jan 12, 2018
Anchorage Facts
Depth meters
Bottom Type Sand

Fort de France is the largest city on Martinique and is a cruise ship port. The spacious anchorage is between the fort and the buoys marking off the turning basin for the cruise ships.  There is frequent ferry wash but otherwise it is quite a nice spot! The nice dinghy dock is straight in from the anchorage and runs along a park. There are lots of rings for tying  (and locking) it up. Despite write-ups of dinghy theft we saw no shady characters by day and were really impressed with how neat & tidy and friendly the city was. A tourist office is right across the street from the dinghy dock. On cruise ship days there are staff outside of it handing out maps and info on the city. There are also more city representatives stationed along the pedestrian streets to help visitors. There are of course many restaurants, shops, and a few chandleries. Plenty of yacht services here. Ferry service to Anse Mitan and adjacent coves.

  • Leader Price and Carrefour Market within easy walking distance, more options by cab
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Carenantilles Shipyard Fort de France 0.65nm on a course of 73 ENE
Anse Mitan 2.97nm on a course of 166 SSE
Anse A L'Ane 3.51nm on a course of 179 S
Anse Noire 4.48nm on a course of 195 SSW
Anse Dufour 4.62nm on a course of 196 SSW
Case Pilote
4.9nm on a course of 301 WNW
Grand Anse D'Arlet 5.91nm on a course of 192 SSW
Pointe Burgos 6.52nm on a course of 192 SSW
Petit Anse D'Arlet 6.65nm on a course of 187 S
St Pierre 10.61nm on a course of 323 NW
Depaz Rum Distillery
10.99nm on a course of 329 NNW
Carenantilles Shipyard 13.54nm on a course of 125 SE
Caye Beau 13.77nm on a course of 132 SE
Cul-de-Sac du Marin 14.22nm on a course of 126 SE
Marina du Marin 14.21nm on a course of 124 ESE
St Anne 14.53nm on a course of 133 SE
Trace des Caps
14.83nm on a course of 134 SE
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